"Leave Your Lonely Days Behind. Discover How You Can Attract And Maintain Fruitful Friendships That Will Last A Life-Time."

Article by: Lloyd Richards 


Does your social life suck? 

Do you struggle to hold a serious friendship and find that people seem TOO uninterested to pay you much attention?

There is nothing worse than spending night after night alone feeling depressed and helpless. Tell me, do you find naming more than one or two "good friends" a challenge? 

What if you could say goodbye to that dreadful feeling of emptiness and social isolation once and for all? Could you imagine how great that feels?

For the first time you can turn your social life upside down. Become the person who has a calendar full of social commitments, not the one who spends their precious hours alone.

Here is the real truth: Without solid friendships life is almost not worth living - Don’t spend one more minuet alone and frustrated with life.

Now Is the Time to Start Living a Life You Can Be Proud Of.

All your life you have been told to get an education, get a decent job, get a reliable car, blah, blah, blah. But wouldn’t you agree with me that something is missing here?


How about friendship? - The most important ingredient in a life of happiness and success.

You may have come across one of those ‘wise’ types who often say that if you don’t try hard at school or college you will probably amount to nothing…


Do you think the leaders and successful figures within our world got to where they are all because of hard work?  No. In some cases it may have helped but what they should have told you is that without loyal, fun-loving friends your journey towards a success will be a struggle.  It can’t be done alone.


No matter how large your house, or how expensive your car, or even how high your IQ - you can’t live a fulfilled life without loyal friends.


Imagine how different your life would be…  


 Share dozens of amazing experiences each day with a group of friends that respect you for who you are!


 Quit going unnoticed and become an outgoing, confident person that people will be drawn towards.


 Never hesitate in conversation with a stranger and leave a first impression that will leave you with a huge base of social contacts.


 Become the next best thing to hit your local social scene and become a ‘guru’ at making social contacts and attracting new friends that will love and respect you.  


 Get in touch will your comical side and be astonished at how it will draw you into the centre of attention, as opposed to being filed away in the back of most people’s minds.



It doesn’t matter if you have never been able to sustain a friendship in your life; you can still become that confident, self-assured, popular figure that you have always dreamt of! 


No one has ever come up to you and handed you a manual on how to make new friends, you’re just expected to work it out right?


Until recently that would have been correct. 



I have tested countless methods and strategies in the art of attracting and keeping valuable friendships, some worked, allot didn't.


Introducing my favorite set of methods and strategies that I have effectively used to attract and maintain loyal, fun-loving friendships...



"AdmirableYou: A guide to Self-Confidence, Believing in Yourself and Making New Friends!"



The interesting thing about this guide is that I still use the methods and strategies revealed within this book to this day.


And you know what else? I’m still meeting and making new friends as the weeks go by.

I don’t care if your parents never taught you a thing about socializing or being a good friend, I don’t care if you have been named the biggest looser in your town!


I’m offering a chance to say goodbye to those dreadful times feeling cut off from the world around you. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Be prepared to surprise everyone that thinks of you as the shy, lonely reserved type who keeps to themselves.


Prove to your peers, family, and above all, yourself that you can break free from this mould. Break down the barriers that have been constricting you. Reconnect with a life shared with great people and great experiences!


Become the person you have always wanted to be.


What if I told you that today could be your last day spent in a world of loneliness and frustration?


To tell you a secret, I am a bit of a case study myself…


I wasn’t very confident in my younger years, and it wasn’t long before I was living alone in a new town with little progress on the social side of things, having only properly introduced myself to a total of one new person after 3 weeks in a new town (that person being some crazy cat lady living next door).


I was scared of going out, and I had no one to go out with. It was a vicious cycle I got myself into.  


I decided that I had to get myself out. I had to make an effort. So I went out to a local pub. But I made no progress. I chickened out. I couldn’t even speak to the drunken old man sitting by himself at the bar.


I came home defeated. I just wished I’d stayed home.


‘One last try’ I told myself… I went back to the drawing board - To change my ways I had to be smart. I analyzed the difference between myself and the popular people from college, I took advice from family, and I developed techniques and strategies and went through a huge process of trial and error.


I persisted. Slowly I found myself going out more and communicating more… My confidence was growing. For once in my life I was beginning to fit it. I wrote everything down; what worked and what didn’t.


Within the space of a few months I had become addicted to meeting new people. I couldn’t stop. I was going out more and more nights a week. My parents thought I had got myself into drugs. For the first time I knew what it meant to enjoy life.


But here’s the best thing: These methods are not exclusive.


I went to a friend’s house for drinks and I was introduced to a young women.  She was very shy and could barely maintain an interesting conversation. To be truthful, at the time I thought "Well this person is a bit dull" and moved on to talk to others.


That night lying in bed at home, staring up at my ceiling, I realized that this woman reminded me of an ever-so-familiar someone.


I played our conversation over and over in my head - she said exactly what I would have said, only a few short months ago. It was then that I realized the problem that I had worked so hard to overcome, was not just MY problem.


From that moment on I made an oath to myself that I would offer my knowledge to anyone who was in need.



This Could Potentially Be The Best Decision Of Your Life. Take It Or Leave It.


Listen, who is interested in person with barely a trace of confidence, low self esteem and poor communication skills?  No one. And this is fine if you wish to be spending allot of your time alone. If that’s how you like it, to be blunt, I suggest you leave this page now.



Still here? - This means that you and I both know that...



Life Is NOT Meant To Be Lived Alone.



And thankfully, I can show you another way.


It's simply about loving life and spending time with people who make you happy and appreciate your presence. It may be about going out on weekends and partying, or sharing good food and drinking good wine. It may about staying in and sharing a movie, or chatting for hours on end. Whatever your desire...


The information contained within this e-book will help you attain a lifestyle full of amazing experiences, shared with amazing people! Everyday I thank myself for having the drive to overcome my problem and search for a better life. In doing so I found out allot of useful information - the hard way.


For you, on the other hand, it's all here for the taking. I would have paid allot of money for this opportunity if it had been presented to me a few years ago.



 You DON'T need to have good looks or lots of money. 


 You DON'T need to have 'the gift of the gab' or be something that your not.


 You DON'T need to take risks or drugs, or feel as if you should constantly prove yourself.


 You will have people liking you for who you are. It’s that simple.


 I'll explain in full, the successful methods and strategies that turned my life around.



So How Is This E-book Going To Help You Exactly?



Well, I think anyone who has experienced true friendship would agree with me that "Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life." I can't bear to imagine where I would be without a group of close friends. As John Lennon said, "I get by with a little help from my friends".


There are so many people out there who do not understand how just a small group of loyal friends can change your life. Anything from helping you make a simple decision to being there when times get rough, a friend is more valuable than any material possession.



There is too much to list, but here are a few examples of what this e-book can do for you...



 You will be able to locate, meet and uphold valuable friendships and actually make people like you. This will leave you with no time to be stuck home alone.


 You will become drastically more confident and self assured with a basic step-by-step guide that will help you make shyness a distant memory.


 You will become a friend that people will want to hang out with rather than be forgotten about thanks to some very powerful techniques.


 You will build self-confidence, self esteem and self power from the inside out.


 People will in fact want to start conversation with you, instead of running for the hills - All thanks to a simple secret that will have people dying to get to know more about you.


 You will be the centre of attention for the first time once you have mastered the ways of humor. It’s not as hard as you think with some simple steps and useful advice!


 Learn how to become a true friend to others, and keep lasting friendships for a lifetime, not just a few short months. And a lot more.



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of excitement, good times and above all… Great friends. 

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To your success,

Lloyd R.


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